One Voice

One Voice Incorporated is one of the music ministries of the Trinity United Church. The Group was formed by two Church members Brothers Henry Botchway and Jerry Asante on 5th October, 2003 to spread and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through quality contemporary Christian music, while contributing to the total wellbeing, physically and spiritually, of its members and the entire congregation.

One Voice currently has an active membership of 21. Membership is, however, open to all members of the Trinity United Church who are gifted, able, willing and available to learn to minister through songs.

Apart from ministering and leading praise and worship during Church services, One Voice Inc. also ministers outside the Church upon invitation. The Group also holds annual concerts with the aim of reaching out to the lost through music. As part of its social responsibility, One Voice partners with other groups in the Church for charity events and outreaches.

The total wellbeing of our membership is an important aspect of our Ministry as we cannot give what we do not have. As such, we undertake activities such as Retreats, Bible study, Talks, Barbecue and Vocal clinics to enrich the growth of our members. Our core mandate is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord using music as our major means of evangelism.

Our usual meeting time is every Saturday from 4 pm to 6 pm. However, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we currently meet from 3 pm to 4 pm on Saturdays.

We are glad to have you join us do this together. To get in touch with us, click here God Bless you. One Voice!!!! One Faith!!!!