Osofo Group

The Osofo Group started informally; at its inception it consisted of all adult members of the Church who did not belong to the Men’s fellowship, Womens Fellowship or the choir. It was Rev. Dr. Ofosu-Adutwum who during his tenure as the Minister-in-charge (1984-1989), suggested that such members could come together to form the “Osofo Group”, as pertains in some congregations in the Presbyterian Church. The late Mrs. Comfort Agama took the challenge and encouraged those members to start the group. The Osofo Group is now well-organised. It made up of members who because of the nature of their work cannot attend meetings every week.


The group meets once a month, on the second Sunday of the month.


The group organizes various activities including get-togethers, educative talks, bible studies, prayer retreats and excursions.