The Trinity United Church Youth Choir was inaugurated on 3rd August, 2014, by Rev. Seth Kissi as the fourth singing group of the Adult Service after the Church Choir, One Voice Incorporated, and the Singing Band. The Youth Choir was established to serve as an interface between the Children’s Choir and the Church Choir.
The Trinity United Church Youth Choir was established to fulfil the following purposes also:

  1. To provide a complementary genre of Christian music, in the form of choral and classical music, to enhance worship in Church while boosting the appreciation of choral music in the Church. The Youth Choir works in tandem with the other singing groups to greatly improve the rendering of quality Christian music as a means of developing the spirituality of the Church to a more appreciable level.
  2. To equip members of the Choir, who may eventually transition into the main Church Choir, with the requisite technical singing skills including Tonic sol-fa reading and general music appreciation that ensure proper rendering of music to God’s glory.

As of February 2021, the Choir consists of 54 members including 7 Executives, an organist and a Choir Director. New members are always welcome. For more information, contact us on 0249318399.