Young Adults Fellowship

The Trinity United Church (TUC) Young Adults’ Fellowship (YAF) began informally in 2010 when a group of young adults (students and other professionals) within the ages of 30 to 45 in the Church came together to fellowship to meet peculiar physical and spiritual needs. The Group was inaugurated in October 2010 by Rev. Dr Seth Kissi who was the Minister-In-Charge at that time. The TUC-YAF also has members aged 25 to 29 and 46 to 50 who are Associate members and do not hold any position in the Group. Regular meetings are held once every month (second Saturday of each month) and any other specific days for other purposes.

Some of the activities during meetings include; talks, Bible studies, prayer sessions, movie shows etc. that help strengthen the spiritual and social wellbeing of members. The theme for the Group always falls within the Church’s main theme for each year. The greetings of the Group is “YAF” with the response “Leadership in Christ”. Currently, the total registered membership is 107, with an active membership of about 65. The current president is Dr Mrs Afua Darkwah Abrahams and patrons of the Group include Mrs Elizabeth Mate-Kole, Mrs Cecilia Osafo, Capt Rtd Budu-Koomson, and Mr Daniel Okudzeto.

The TUC-YAF has instituted an annual retreat (to support the spiritual growth of members) and annual charity event (to support activities in the Church and other groups outside the Church). Some of the achievements over the years through the charity events include: adopting a children’s home at the Volta region, refurbishing an IT centre in a primary school at Frafraha, donating items to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, financially supporting the construction of a Methodist Church in the Affram Plains, organising and financially supporting the registration of about 150 head porters (Kayayei) of the Madina market and their children on the National Health Insurance Scheme at the Madina Polyclinic, and financially supporting some para-church organisations including the Bible Society of Ghana, Scripture Union of Ghana, GHAFES, GILLBT-East Legon and Challenge Enterprise. The Group seeks to explore and establish a business/profitable venture to continue supporting the work of God and also build a good relationship with the youth of the Church to help mentor them.

The TUC-YAF has established an annual bazaar which involves selling useful items donated by its members and others to church members and the community at a reduced price. These have been very important in satisfying the needs of others and raising funds to support the work of God. The Group has also established a home cell meeting where members who live in the same vicinity meet weekly either physically or virtually for Bible studies and prayers. These have been very useful in meeting the spiritual needs of members. On 11th October, 2020 the Group re-launched the YAF 10th Anniversary which was put on hold in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A major challenge of the Group is poor participation of members in physical meetings.